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SipIt is a new chain of drive-thru spots with delicious frozen drinks to-go!

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SipIt DAIQUIRIS TOGO is the go-to place for all your favorite frozen daiquiri drinks, Jell-O shots and Sipsicles!!!

You’ll receive friendly customer service and delicious daiquiri products served to you from our drive thru window, FAST!!!

Sipit DAIQUIRIS TOGO offers over (20) varieties of delicious daiquiri flavors derived from 100% natural ingredients including, but not limited to strawberries, mangos oranges and other citrus fruits. Our daiquiri products are also SULFITE and GMO free!!!

Don’t know what flavor to order??? No worries, all of our Sipiologists are experts in every daiquiri flavor we have to offer. They’re ready to make suggestions based off your taste buds and will ensure you receive the friendly service you deserve, every time!!!

Sipit DAIQUIRIS TOGO offers delicious daiquiri products that you can take to-go and enjoy in the comfort of your own home!!!

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